Evening dresses – which cut suits me?

Ball or gala, elegant evening events are a great way to escape everyday life and to be a real woman again. Dramatic make-up, an artistic updo and fantastic evening dresses – who doesn’t love to be styled properly? In my opinion, every woman looks great in an evening dress. This is even more true if you manage to skillfully stage your individual assets.

So in this post there are a few tips for every figure type that can inspire you when choosing a dress.

A-Type: Evening dresses are a great way to show off your delicate upper body. For this, choose dresses with dramatic necklines or corsages. If you have a small bust, voluminous details at chest level are very beneficial. To do this, they combine – depending on the dress – eye-catching necklaces and earrings. In the lower part of the dress you can play wonderfully with wide shapes, which are preferably difficult. Avoid fabrics that are too flowing and very narrow cuts.

H-Type: Evening dresses with accents on the shoulders, chest or sleeves are particularly beautiful for you. Especially if you are slim, you can conjure up special effects with a wrap look or drapery. Avoid eye-catching decorations in the waist area and choose eye-catching jewelry for the head area in simple dresses.

O-Type: Draw attention to your face and beautiful cleavage. Choose deep necklines or bustier evening dresses. A-shaped cuts and flowing fabrics are ideal for you. You can also use vertical lines well, as they make the upper body appear narrower. Such effects can also be used e.g. achieve with a stole.

Y-type: dresses with halter necks or lines that taper to the neck are ideal for you. This makes your shoulder area appear narrower. Flowing raglan sleeves are also very suitable. If you combine a dark bolero or a dark stole with the dress, this makes your upper body appear even narrower.

X-Type: Evening dresses offer you a wonderful opportunity to showcase your feminine form. You should definitely be careful to emphasize your waistline. Reach for beautiful necklines and bustier dresses or corsets or corsages. Use jewelry to accentuate the head area and arms.

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