Goodyear – a tires company goes fashion

When thinking of Goodyear the first association will probably be rather tires and cars than fashion. At least this was true for us – even though my husband remembered a little later that his first sneakers ever have been from Goodyear. Hence we were really excited about seeing Goodyear at Panorama Fair in Berlin and talking to Mara who was about to tell us a lot about the Goodyear fashion lines.

Goodyear Panorama


Goodyear Decoration

Already their booth at Panorama with tires, vintage petrol boxes, petrol pumps etc. is arranged with love to details and tells a story. You nearly can smell burning wheels and gasoline and get a taste of Formula 1 excitement. So does the fashion brand. The decorative prints on many of the garments of the current Vintage collection are taken from the company archives and take you to a journey throughout all époques of the Goodyear history. Some of them with a modern touch like shimmer and glitter specially for the new female line. Apart from those printed T-Shirts the collection comprises Hoodies, Polos, Jackets and Jeans and is completed by outdoor and functional wear of the two other fashion lines. High quality all-rounders for the situations of your leisure time.

Goodyear T-Shirts

In line with the company tradition Goodyear puts attention to high quality in fabrics and manufacturing as well as to innovative production methods such as exploring new washing techniques, laser bleaching methods for jeans or combination of different fabrics that create interesting looks. Overall the collections represent some values that are synonym for the American way of life: lifestyle, freedom and pioneering spirit.

Goodyear Shirt

If you favour a relaxed style and you are looking for comfortable, quality products and fashion with a vintage feeling of a heritage brand you should definitely give Goodyear fashion a try. If you want to do so, you will find the collections in some independent stores across Germany as well as in their online shop.

Goodyear Ladies

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