Chichino – pure, urban and, in a certain way, luxurious

The women’s and men’s collection of the Wiesbaden label Chichino is – as the name of the label suggests – without ChiChi but always with a very special flair. Founder and owner Angelika Platte describes her design language as “clean, not loud and therefore appropriate, but not adapted” and we can only agree. The hand-picked fabrics are processed to a high quality in the adjoining studio. Regardless of current trends, the collection is not renewed several times a year, but rather builds on one another, complements the previous one and is in any case very easy to combine. Each model can be adapted in color and partly also in shape to the individual wishes of the customer.

After many years of working in advertising, the studied communication designer noticed in 2008 that she was only in contact with the outside world via emails and PDFs. A change was needed. Direct contact with people, creativity and the beautiful in general and special were needed. Since fashion has accompanied and inspired her thematically since her studies, it was obvious for Angelika Platte to found the label Chichino and consult a stylist friend and learn everything about cuts, fabrics, a solid insight into the art of sewing and what in a hard self-study you need to teach everything else to implement great designs. The result and with it Chichino could be seen more and more and is now not only recognized, but also established as a top address.

Angelika Platte gets inspiration for the unique pieces in her collections from wishes for herself, from attentive observation of street styles on the catwalks and especially in their surroundings, as well as from the feel of the fabrics that she processes. It is difficult to explain, she says, but the moment she lets a material slide through her fingers, feels it and perceives it with great concentration, she immediately knows what she will make of this material and how it will be at the end of the process will look like.

It goes without saying that Angelika Platte prefers to wear items from her own production. Her outfit experiences a very special touch through small, deliberately brought about style breaks such as sneakers with a dress or the like.

Anyone who enjoys high-quality design, appreciates the advantages of bespoke clothing and appreciates individuality with a little touch of luxury should definitely take a look at Chichino – it’s worth it!

You can also find Chichino on My-Fashionary

Photos: Chichino / Fashionary

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