Aruci – shoe paradise in the north end

The Aruci shoe salon in Frankfurt’s Nordend is one of those shops that impress less with a shiny facade than with excellent quality and classic timelessness combined with smart details. Whoever enters the shop and dedicates himself to the range, opens up an Italian shoe heaven of the finest quality. And the best: not only is the quality right, but also the price-performance ratio.

Only models that have been personally selected by the Arucis find their way onto the shelves. The six-monthly visit to the Milan shoe fair is a key factor here. The two brothers, who run the family business in the second generation, know almost all of the factories they work with personally. This not only guarantees that production takes place under fair conditions in Europe, but also offers special options such as the personalization of the basic models on display. Aruci has some unique shoes that have only been modified for this family company. Based on the basic shape specified by the manufacturer, they are adapted according to the wishes of the brothers in shape, heel shape and height, last shape and / or quality of the leather and the color.

If you are looking for classic, high-quality shoes and for whom it does not have to be the very big label and the latest fashion craze, you are right in the shoe salon. There is a very special treat for women: as Aruci reveals, the secret of a comfortable pump is the so-called “drop”, i.e. the height ratio between heel and sole on the forefoot. The manufacturers of the Arucis seem to have solved this secret, because in fact none of my pumps are as comfortable as the one I bought at this shoe salon.

Even the best shoe needs a new heel or a new sole every now and then. Aruci also takes care of that, the in-house cobbler’s shop can be found directly in the shop, so the stroll can be combined with a small repair. Since the father is also behind the counter himself, you quickly know where the well-founded know-how in matters of shoes in this family comes from.

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Cosmos – Classic with chic

If you go to Cosmos in Frankfurt’s Westend, you should take some time to browse. Every time I discover anew that there is a lot more to discover than I thought. And very important: you should ask the owner Ingeborg Kartalas for her advice. She has an incredible eye for what suits her customers and what suits them. With a practiced eye, she always manages to conjure up combinations that you might not have thought of yourself, but which look great in the end.

When choosing her range, Ms. Kartalas attaches particular importance to the fact that all individual parts can be easily combined with one another, even if they are not from one brand. There are many classic cuts that always have a special twist and look so modern and chic. In contrast to many other shops, she also changes her labels more often, which provides variety and new ideas.

Overnight to the boutique owner

Cosmos has been around in its current form for 14 years. Ingeborg Kartalas had actually offered her predecessor to take over the boutique just for fun, but after a sleepless night full of discussions, she decided to get serious, quit her marketing job and get on with it. It doubled the retail space and now offers a mixture of classic leisure and office fashion as well as some selected evening combinations at really fair prices. The business itself is also very successful in my opinion, a big plus are the large changing rooms and mirrors in which you can see yourself all around.

When I asked what makes the perfect appearance for her, she replied that for her it is the aura that a person has. He must wear his clothing with conviction and identify with it. She herself only wears fashion from her own shop and evidently identifies fully with it; you notice that.

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Kleidoskop – Fashion with air to breathe

Kleidoskop in downtown Frankfurt promises an exciting and relaxed shopping experience far away from overcrowded rummaging table orgies. In the spacious and airy designed boutique you will certainly want to do not just one lap, but also a second or even a third, the range is so exciting and varied.

The airy impression is reinforced by the placement of the individual clothes racks. According to their motto “Fashion needs air to breathe”, the owners Dragana Papric and Klaus Schäcke not only give their customers the space they need to be able to develop freely. Instead of using every centimeter, everything is hung in such a way that the many details of the individual items of clothing come into their own. And that’s a good thing, because the great range is handpicked on numerous trade fair visits or comes from our own collections.

The range of Kleidoskop ranges from rocky and groovy to elegant and stylish to avant-garde and creative. Anyone who can be equipped here, however, is always dressed for everyday use and will find numerous combination options with the existing wardrobe. This is also gladly taken into account in the context of individual and competent advice on site. Service is generally very important here. Ms. Papric and Mr. Schäcke also attach great importance to the fact that the designers represented are constantly developing and not just old hats are reinterpreted every season. In addition, the two always keep a little space and budget free for spontaneous new discoveries.

The first Kleidoskop branch was founded back in 1995, at that time in Oeder Weg in the north end of Frankfurt. In addition to fine second-hand items, Dragana Papric sold its own fashion creations here and increasingly added new designers to the range. At some point the desire for further development and more space came up, and so she and Klaus Schäcke began the long search for suitable retail space. The two found this in 2010 in Töngesgasse and since then they have been operating the branch in Oeder Weg as an outlet, but also with their own range. Items from old collections are therefore only offered at reduced prices for a short time in Töngesgasse and then end up in the Nordend, which promotes the dynamism of the inner-city branch. A visit to Kleidoskop is always worthwhile!

Kleidoskop is also a partner of My Fashionary

Photos: Kleidoskop

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Chichino – pure, urban and, in a certain way, luxurious

The women’s and men’s collection of the Wiesbaden label Chichino is – as the name of the label suggests – without ChiChi but always with a very special flair. Founder and owner Angelika Platte describes her design language as “clean, not loud and therefore appropriate, but not adapted” and we can only agree. The hand-picked fabrics are processed to a high quality in the adjoining studio. Regardless of current trends, the collection is not renewed several times a year, but rather builds on one another, complements the previous one and is in any case very easy to combine. Each model can be adapted in color and partly also in shape to the individual wishes of the customer.

After many years of working in advertising, the studied communication designer noticed in 2008 that she was only in contact with the outside world via emails and PDFs. A change was needed. Direct contact with people, creativity and the beautiful in general and special were needed. Since fashion has accompanied and inspired her thematically since her studies, it was obvious for Angelika Platte to found the label Chichino and consult a stylist friend and learn everything about cuts, fabrics, a solid insight into the art of sewing and what in a hard self-study you need to teach everything else to implement great designs. The result and with it Chichino could be seen more and more and is now not only recognized, but also established as a top address.

Angelika Platte gets inspiration for the unique pieces in her collections from wishes for herself, from attentive observation of street styles on the catwalks and especially in their surroundings, as well as from the feel of the fabrics that she processes. It is difficult to explain, she says, but the moment she lets a material slide through her fingers, feels it and perceives it with great concentration, she immediately knows what she will make of this material and how it will be at the end of the process will look like.

It goes without saying that Angelika Platte prefers to wear items from her own production. Her outfit experiences a very special touch through small, deliberately brought about style breaks such as sneakers with a dress or the like.

Anyone who enjoys high-quality design, appreciates the advantages of bespoke clothing and appreciates individuality with a little touch of luxury should definitely take a look at Chichino – it’s worth it!

You can also find Chichino on My-Fashionary

Photos: Chichino / Fashionary

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Affentor Frankfurt – Accessories with a history

Born for a good cause and saved by a confident entrepreneur – the Frankfurt label Affentor not only offers great bags of all kinds, but also an exciting story. It was founded in 2004 by a Frankfurt designer and an operations manager from the Frankfurt workshop. At that time, the Frankfurt workshop ran its own tailor’s shop, in which long-term unemployed women were trained as seamstresses in order to find their way back into independent working life. Under the Affentor label, young designers were able to have their bag creations sewn by the women.

The name Affentor is no coincidence, as the tailoring shop at that time was located in one of the two Affentor houses in the Frankfurt district of Sachsenhausen. Until 1860 the old town gate was located here, at which travelers the last Ave Maria was given on the way. In the course of time, the Sachsenhausen Schlappmaul turned the Ave into a monkey, and so the place and ultimately the label got their name.

However, when the Frankfurt workshop went bankrupt due to insufficient funding, Affentor was on the verge of collapse. In the winter of 2014, Hardy Ketterer from schoene Schreibwaren Berlin recognized the potential and the opportunity at the last second and has been the owner of Affentor ever since. The bags are now produced in our own tailors’ shops in Frankfurt and Berlin. The shop itself is located in Fahrgasse, not far from downtown Frankfurt.

The range is immensely diverse and offers ideas for every taste. From laptop, tablet and shoulder bags to wallets, pen cases and handbags to photo albums, notebooks and beautiful stationery, you will find practical things here for small and large trips. Practical is actually an important keyword, because all Affentor products not only inspire with their simple elegance, but clearly fulfill their purpose. Timeless and high-quality materials such as woolen fabrics and leather are used. Everything is produced in Germany under fair conditions.

Those who like individuality will love Affentor, because all bags are produced in small series and are therefore strictly limited. The quality leaves nothing to be desired and thanks to the excellent advice you can quickly find your new favorite. If you are looking for a great gift, you should definitely consider a visit. Affentor has long since convinced us and if you haven’t been there, you should do so as soon as possible!

Photos: affentor / Ralf Werner

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h.hardy, HE:IDI, Zumkley Pelletteria, Perlencenter – Shopping-Perlen in Frankfurt

Immer wieder stellen auch wir fest, dass Frankfurt shoppingtechnisch so viel mehr zu bieten hat, als man denkt und sich hinter jeder Ecke tolle Boutiquen verstecken, die einen Besuch definitiv Wert sind. Heute stellen wir Euch im wahrsten Sinne vier weitere Perlen vor nämlich h.hardy, HE:IDI, Perlen- und Schmuckcenter und Zumkley Pelletteria.


h.hardy ist das charmante Geschäft für den modernen Gentleman mit zeitlosen Werten. Wer den Herrenausstatter in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen besucht, wird vom Chef höchstpersönlich bedient. Hardy Steidl stammt aus einer Familie mit Tradition in der Modebranche und steht seinen Kunden stets mit kompetenter und ehrlicher Beratung zur Seite. Die Marken seiner Boutique sind handverlesen und bestens aufeinander abgestimmt. Zudem finden sich in den Regalen und Kleiderständern nur die jeweils besten und stilvollsten Stücke eines Labels. Somit erhalten Herren bei h.hardy von Kopf bis Fuß komplette Outfits für den perfekten Auftritt!


In ihrem Atelier im Frankfurter Nordend entwirft die Mode-Designerin Heidi Flügel eigene Kreationen und Kollektionen. Ihr Label HE:IDI steht für elegante Damenmode für unterschiedlichste Anlässe von Alltag und Business über Abendveranstaltungen bis hin zu Hochzeiten und anderen Feierlichkeiten. Wichtig sind dabei jedoch immer ein hoher Komfort und Tragbarkeit. Außerdem widmet sich Heidi Flügel mit großem Geschick individuellen Kundenwünschen und fertigt Einzelteile komplett nach Maß an.  HE:IDI ist somit eine von Frankfurts Top-Adressen für hoch-exklusive und streng limitierte Modekreationen!

Perlen- und Schmuckcenter

Das größte Perlensortiment Deutschlands – nicht weniger erwartet Kundinnen und Kunden beim Perlen- und Schmuckcenter, etwas versteckt im Frankfurter Westend. Suresh und Michaela Vankadari führen das Familienunternehmen mit über 40-jähriger Tradition und beraten ihre Kundinnen und Kunden mit Herzblut und großem Sachverstand. Sie bieten als Importeur, Hersteller und Großhändler Perlenschmuck in höchster Qualität und zu fairen Preisen. Egal ob Halskette, Ring, Armreif oder eine andere Kostbarkeit: für jeden Anlass ist immer das passende dabei. Ein Besuch im schicken Atelier lohnt sich immer!

Zumkley Pelletteria

Wer in Frankfurt schöne und exklusive Damenschuhe sucht, der kommt um die Zumkley Pelletteria nicht herum. Maren Zumkley leitet ihr Geschäft in der belebten Berliner Straße seit 2014 und bietet neben dem exquisiten Schuh-Sortiment auch eine handverlesene Auswahl an Mode, Accessoires und Taschen. Somit finden selbstbewusste Frauen hier immer wieder neue Ideen und Gelegenheiten um sich rundherum auszustatten. Die spannenden Schaufenster wecken dabei bereits Neugier und die gemütliche und kreative Atmosphäre des Ladens laden zum Bleiben ein. Wer also in die Frankfurter Innenstadt kommt, sollte die Zumkley Pelletteria unbedingt besuchen!

Fotos: h.hardy, Zumkley Pelletteria, Fashionary

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Konzept 64, Good Times und C.a.r.e

Konzept 64

Besucht man Konzept 64 mit seinen einladend hellen Räumen im Frankfurter Nordend, stellt man schnell fest, dass man in einem ganz besonderen Geschäft gelandet ist. Besonderen Charme erhält die Boutique durch die Aussparung in der Wand, die einen Einblick hinter die Kulissen in die hauseigene Goldschmiede von Besitzer-Paar Christiane Kirchner und Tom Weisbecker erlaubt.

Damen können sich bei Konzept 64 von Kopf bis Fuß individuell einkleiden und ausstatten lassen, im Einzelfall sogar beim Private Shopping außerhalb der regulären Öffnungszeiten. Und auch Herren können im ausgefallenen Schmuck-Sortiment fündig werden oder sich individuelle Einzelstücke anfertigen lassen. Diese werden im persönlichen Gespräch erarbeitet, so dass der Kunde oder die Kundin am Ende ein Unikat in den Händen hält, das eine ganz persönliche Geschichte erhält.

Auch für die Kollektion sind die beiden stets auf der Suche nach etwas ganz besonderem. Ob Clutches aus wasserfestem Papier-Latex- Verbund oder Handtaschen aus Fischhaut – ein vergleichbar innovatives Angebot wird man woanders so schnell nicht finden.

Good Times

Good Times ist eine wunderschöne Boutiquen – Perle am Rande der Wiesbadener Innenstadt. Die Namensgebung ist auch Programm, da Inhaberin Kerstin Gutzeit nicht nur ihren Namen einbringt, sondern sich auch stilistisch klar zur Vintage-Mode bekennt. Aber nicht nur das, sie hat sich darauf spezialisiert, eine tolle Mischung aus Retro und Moderne anzubieten.

Diven wie Marlin Monroe, Grace Kelley oder Doris Day sind klassische Vorbilder dieser figurbetonten Mode, die bis heute gerade für feminin gebaute Frauen eine bezaubernde Alternative für jeden Anlass ist. Marken wie Marianne Déri, Marlenes Töchter, Gracy Q oder auch die größte regionale STOP STARING! Kollektion werden bei Good Times in exklusivem Ambiente angeboten. Obwohl Good Times erst Ende 2015 eröffnet wurde, so ist es jetzt bereits ein absoluter Geheimtipp und lohnt die Anreise auch für diejenigen, die nicht in Wiesbaden wohnen.

C.a.r.e. – Create a rare Emotion

Shirts für Damen und Herren mit emotionaler Aussage bekommt Ihr bei dem Label Create a rare Emotion. Dank ihres minimalistischen Designs sehen sie nicht nur gut aus, sondern können praktisch zu fast allen Anlässen getragen werden. Zudem verwendet Gründer Marco Haiplik maßgeblich Produkte aus Bio-Baumwolle und Lyocell. So sind sie nicht nur umweltverträglich sondern auch noch sehr komfortabel zu tragen.

Die Sprüche, die die Shirts zieren, sind zumeist Eigenkreationen. Inspiration dafür holt sich Marco Haiplik in seinem direkten Umfeld, im Netz oder auf den sozialen Medien. Ziel ist, emotionale Aussagen zu schaffen, mit denen sich die Träger der Shirts identifizieren können und wohl fühlen.

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