Cardigan with a difference

Which piece of clothing can be admired in the German Historical Museum in Berlin? It’s the cardigan. To be precise, Helmut Kohl’s cardigan that he wore when he met Mikhail Gorbachev in 1990.

We also share our admiration for the classic item of clothing and have therefore come up with three original styling tips. Tied over the shoulders for English afternoon tea or unbuttoned over a polo shirt, we already know these looks well enough. The following “cardigan makeover” will inspire you.

1 Turn back

With our first tip, we’ll show you the base part from a different side, namely from the back. Back in the 90s, Kriss Kross showed us how clothes look like when worn the wrong way round. Although the trend at the time did not last long, this one can. Because we have to admit it looks feminine and cool. For this style it is best to choose a loose fitting cardigan. The hem should end just below the bottom. This optimal length gives the style that natural touch and not that carefully prepared look.

Tight-fitting jeans or trousers round off the outfit.

2 Misappropriated

For the next tip, the everyday look “cardigan over blouse” serves as inspiration. Our variant: The blouse is omitted and is replaced by a tight-fitting cardigan. A fine cardigan, for example made from cashmere, is the perfect alternative. What do you think of this idea?

3 The all-rounder

With the cardigan in the waterfall look, we discovered a secret magic formula: the transformation into a stylish asymmetrical sweater.

When choosing a cardigan, the material is crucial, because the fabric should be light, e.g. a cotton-polyester blend. This means that the cardigan can easily be converted into a sweater. What you need is a safety clamp that you attach to the top of the shoulder (see picture). And voilá the little DIY project is ready.

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