Dirndl style – well dressed for the Oktoberfest

A dirndl is a very feminine piece of clothing and so special: it conjures up a waistline and creates a great cleavage! In my experience exactly what all women like to put in the limelight when they can. A light dirndl for every figure type!

A classic dirndl consists of three parts: lace-up bodice, blouse (optional) and apron. A much discussed topic is the length of the dirndl. Tradition takes precedence over modernity, therefore: knee-length and longer (depending on personal taste and leg). If you like it short: reach for cool leather pants instead of a mini dirndl. This can look great, especially with very slim H-types.

Décolleté: no matter if you have a lot or a little bust – with a dirndl you can really beat the drum. Please pay attention to the right bra, the straps must remain invisible. There are special dirndl models in which the straps run further outside. Alternatively, a balcony bra or a strapless bra works just fine. Be sure to try it on and see how well it fits in advance. To conjure up even more bust size, you can also use push-up models.

Waist: The lace-up bodice ensures a wonderfully narrow waist (this is also due to the fact that the skirt part is attached and flared … possibly also noticeable for the next clothes purchase ?!). Caution when lacing: Not too tight – so that you can still breathe well (snap-breathing leads to fainting, I know what I’m talking about …) and can eat and drink something and of course not too loose. It can sit well.

The apron bow reveals a lot about you. Right means: forgive. Left: solo, untied, looking. Be careful with the middle: traditionally that means I’m a virgin!

Opinions are divided on the question of shoes. Haferl shoes are traditionally “correct”. And I think it can be a little more modern here. Rather, the two most important factors in shoes are: Can you walk well in them and dance on the bench? So pay attention to the height and shape of the heel. And are your feet reasonably protected from an overturning measure? Closed shoes offer protection from beer, broken glass, etc.

The bag can also be a little less traditional and rather small. So that it suits your needs in the evening. A large bag usually looks a bit out of place with a dirndl, draws attention away from the outfit and is impractical.

When it comes to jewelry, you should make sure that it matches the style of the dirndl. Traditional costume jewelry is of course always possible. If you like, you can of course also use playful variants such as our model’s pretzel earrings or very simple jewelry. A typical accessory next to the jewelry are “Glupperln” – clothespins, on which either your name or short sayings can be written.

Braided hairstyles and wreaths of flowers in the hair or the one combined with the other look very magical with a dirndl. A “soft” updo also brings out the cleavage beautifully. A short hairstyle, of course, does the same thing. Natural make-up in subtle tones to match the dirndl rounds the whole thing off perfectly.

In this sense: O’zapft is!

And think of the most important things: Beauty and good looks start in the heart and then go from head to toe.

PS: My personal, probably the coolest and most fun Dirndl experience was in China in 2009. In a dirndl through the Forbidden City and on the Great Wall of China – without blouses, it was too hot. Enthusiastic Chinese with a camera included

We would like to thank FRAU MAIER very much for this guest post!

Katharina Maier, better known as FRAU MAIER, supports you as a style consultant in looking good and successfully getting dressed – in the traditional way on site and online. She not only takes care of your wardrobe, her main focus is to bring inner and outer into harmony. Personality, character and competence can be visible at first glance. The motto she lives by: “Beauty begins in the heart and then goes from head to toe” she gives you for your personal glow.

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