Nice to see you on my blog! My name is Bea, I am the mother of a small daughter and come from the often underrated Frankfurt.

Fashionary is my personal fashion and lifestyle diary. Since I myself am a big fan of small and unusual labels and places, the blog is largely about wanting to present exactly these – be it in the context of portraits, outfit posts or personal city guides.

After studying interior design a few years ago, the working world initially took me away from design and the artistic. Still, I haven’t lost my enthusiasm for the finer things in life. I have always been particularly interested in the special and extraordinary.

Three years ago I discovered the subject of fashion for myself mainly thanks to a designer friend. Since then it has taken up more and more space in my everyday life. Here, too, I am particularly interested in everything that moves outside the mainstream. No question about it, even big chains have great designers and chic fashion, but small labels with the individual stories of the designers who stand behind them do it even more to me.

For this reason, I also launched the My Fashionary platform, where young designers and special labels can present and sell their products. We also organize many exciting events such as pop-up locations or special fashion shows.

But now have fun browsing and I hope I can give you some good suggestions

Until recently, the Fashionary Mag was planned a little differently. Therefore you will still find many contributions from my dear colleagues who accompanied me through the beginnings of the blog. A big thank you to Sandra from Purely Sandy, Sandra from Majoli, Carolotta from The Simple Choice, Maxi from Gassireport and Dennis!