Myboshi – knitted and crocheted

What do two boys do who are on an exchange program for ski instructors in Japan and are bored in the evenings due to a lack of night activities? The most obvious thing: they crochet ? In fact, that was the beginning of the myboshi story.

When enthusiastic Australians spontaneously bought their first colorful Boshi (Japanese for hat) from the two hackers Thomas Jaenisch and Felix Rohland in Tokyo, they wondered whether they could turn it into a business idea. That this was the case is proven by the fact that Thomas and Felix are now supported by up to 30 handicraft-loving Upper Franconian crochet omis. If you don’t pick up the needle yourself but still want a cool boshi, you can put it together in the hat configurator and get it crocheted by these grannies directly home after 7-21 days.

For those who would like to do some handicrafts themselves, Thomas and Felix have now written several books with crochet instructions and are multiple bestselling authors with well over a million books sold! We think myboshi is simply great and here we present our styling tips that you can use to showcase your boshi and crochet accessories really well.

Crochet style

Hats and scarves have long since risen from pure neck and head warmers to fashion accessories and can be worn with a wide variety of outfits.

Since the myboshi models are usually quite colorful, we recommend either combining them with neutral colors or choosing a color that goes well with the accessories.

The Aro hat and Miami knitted scarf go great with blonde hair thanks to their color scheme. So that the outfit doesn’t get too colorful, we decided on neutral colors. The nice thing about the beige coat is that the lining picks up on the tones of the hat. Add black skinny jeans and boots – the casual winter look is ready.

The combination of the colorful loop with the beautifully tailored black / anthracite-colored coat looks elegant. The colors of the loop are enhanced by the black. Here too, black skinny jeans or tight trousers go well with it. We exchange the boots for simple pumps.

The wonderfully long and cozy scarf Futtsu shows how changeable the myboshi parts are. The combination with the taupe / brown jacket gives a harmonious and casual look. You can achieve visual tension that is also harmonious through the combination of colors that are close together, such as a yellow corduroy jacket with the green scarf or the blue jacket with the pink and white Hekinan hat.

Mybhoshi to crochet yourself

As mentioned above, not only do you get fantastic crochet accessories at myboshi, you can also find lots of inspiration for your own DIY crochet creations at myboshi decided early in the company’s history to pass on knowledge and crochet know-how as a source of ideas and to build up a steadily growing handicraft community. So on the website and in the books you will find countless instructions for learning and perfecting the art of crocheting and for crocheting your own hats, scarves, bags and much more. In addition, myboshi gives you all the ingredients you need for your own creations, from needles to wool. We’ll give you a taste and below provide you with simple instructions for a chic hat. Have fun trying things out and let off steam!

Ichikawa instructions

Do you like one of the models presented? Then get started right away. You will find the necessary material in the myboshi shop:
Inuyama hat
Akishima hat
Shiki knitted scarf Miami
Otherwise you can find all instructions in the myboshi street style book.

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