Aruci – shoe paradise in the north end

The Aruci shoe salon in Frankfurt’s Nordend is one of those shops that impress less with a shiny facade than with excellent quality and classic timelessness combined with smart details. Whoever enters the shop and dedicates himself to the range, opens up an Italian shoe heaven of the finest quality. And the best: not only is the quality right, but also the price-performance ratio.

Only models that have been personally selected by the Arucis find their way onto the shelves. The six-monthly visit to the Milan shoe fair is a key factor here. The two brothers, who run the family business in the second generation, know almost all of the factories they work with personally. This not only guarantees that production takes place under fair conditions in Europe, but also offers special options such as the personalization of the basic models on display. Aruci has some unique shoes that have only been modified for this family company. Based on the basic shape specified by the manufacturer, they are adapted according to the wishes of the brothers in shape, heel shape and height, last shape and / or quality of the leather and the color.

If you are looking for classic, high-quality shoes and for whom it does not have to be the very big label and the latest fashion craze, you are right in the shoe salon. There is a very special treat for women: as Aruci reveals, the secret of a comfortable pump is the so-called “drop”, i.e. the height ratio between heel and sole on the forefoot. The manufacturers of the Arucis seem to have solved this secret, because in fact none of my pumps are as comfortable as the one I bought at this shoe salon.

Even the best shoe needs a new heel or a new sole every now and then. Aruci also takes care of that, the in-house cobbler’s shop can be found directly in the shop, so the stroll can be combined with a small repair. Since the father is also behind the counter himself, you quickly know where the well-founded know-how in matters of shoes in this family comes from.

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