Cosmos – Classic with chic

If you go to Cosmos in Frankfurt’s Westend, you should take some time to browse. Every time I discover anew that there is a lot more to discover than I thought. And very important: you should ask the owner Ingeborg Kartalas for her advice. She has an incredible eye for what suits her customers and what suits them. With a practiced eye, she always manages to conjure up combinations that you might not have thought of yourself, but which look great in the end.

When choosing her range, Ms. Kartalas attaches particular importance to the fact that all individual parts can be easily combined with one another, even if they are not from one brand. There are many classic cuts that always have a special twist and look so modern and chic. In contrast to many other shops, she also changes her labels more often, which provides variety and new ideas.

Overnight to the boutique owner

Cosmos has been around in its current form for 14 years. Ingeborg Kartalas had actually offered her predecessor to take over the boutique just for fun, but after a sleepless night full of discussions, she decided to get serious, quit her marketing job and get on with it. It doubled the retail space and now offers a mixture of classic leisure and office fashion as well as some selected evening combinations at really fair prices. The business itself is also very successful in my opinion, a big plus are the large changing rooms and mirrors in which you can see yourself all around.

When I asked what makes the perfect appearance for her, she replied that for her it is the aura that a person has. He must wear his clothing with conviction and identify with it. She herself only wears fashion from her own shop and evidently identifies fully with it; you notice that.

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